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Jessica Clarke by Rokas Darulis


Moments. This is one. This right here, right now, is definitely a moment.

ballerinawrites: “You could have died!” Emmett to Eloise

"You’re being dramatic…" Eloise mumbled, skirting past Emmett and into her bedroom. He sounded like Eddison and that was the last thing she needed. She’d already heard it all from her sister and really didn’t need to hear it from her boyfriend. "It’s no big deal, okay…" It was a big deal and she knew that, being in the hospital was usually a big deal, but she highly doubted she would have actually died… and even so she didn’t feel like talking about it. 

enchntedstars: “Kiss me you idiot.” Dakota to Adler

"I was waiting for the okay…" Adler chuckled for a millisecond before he pulled Dakota in, wrapped his arms around her waist, and kissed her. The type of kiss you put your entire body into. It was passionate and urgent because he’d been waiting so long to do it.  He’d never kissed her like this before, she probably didn’t even know that he had these types of kisses in him but she’d be getting used to them soon enough. 

Sofia Black D’Elia + Ginny Gardner

clairewords: 6, 10, 14, 19!

6. favorite band Kings of Leon! 
14. piercings i want Uhhh the only one I can think of is my forward helix. 
19. middle name Susanne -_- 

There was no 10? lmfao idk 

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